Spiritual Cleansing 

A process in which you can release that which is no longer serving you.  Including past lives contracts, vows & agreements.  Remove and dissolve attachments of  lower entities.  Restore with the Golden Energy of Christ.  Let's get to work, our divine team are ready to assist you.



 2021 Live Group Sessions on Zoom ~ Full Moon!

1) Sunday, March 28th    7-8:30 p.m.                               3) 2) Monday, April 26th     7-8:30 p.m.

3) Wednesday, May 26h  7-8:30 p.m.




     What you need:

* 2 sheets of paper or notebook
* Pen , candle/sage (if you have)
* Headsets/earbuds
* Pillow/blanket


Sit in a quiet place or your sacred space and be comfortable. Light a

candle. If you have sage, keep it on hand.


What to expect:


Part 1 (sitting)
* Opening Prayer/Meditation
* Introduction
* Discussion
* Releasing lower energies
* Celebrating your gifts


Part 2 (laying down)
* Guided Prayer/Meditation of deep cleansing/healing (approx 15 mins.)


Part 3 (sitting up)
* Grounding
* Discussion
* Questions
* Closing:  Space Clearing & Consecration Prayer

Register Here:    

If you prefer a private 1:1 session, book here.  Done   by phone or zoom  (approx. 1 hr.)


I have received heavenly spiritual support with Annie Balgobin. I highly recommend her spiritual cleansing and healing sessions. Recently I attended an online group session with like minded supportive sisters. I find a peace and openness to life when I attend and connect in this Christ Consciousness and ascended teachings. Each time I am in a healing session I learn more ways to create a connection to my inner soul and be in my higher resonance
~ Aline Marie