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Updated: Apr 15

Perhaps you have awakened for a while. Read more on Spiritual Awakening. Many are awakening spiritually on the planet. Once awakened to higher consciousness and you are ready, you will be called to assist those who are newly awakening and seeking guidance in understanding themselves and their experiences.

Lighworker literally means working with the LIGHT, the divine light. Some have had many incarnations on Planet Earth and others are here for the first time. All has volunteer to come back and assist. Welcome to your Earthly drama.

There are three waves of ascension for the Lightworkers that arrived on Earth. The first wave are in their 70s . The second wave is in the 50’s The third wave are in their 30’s.

Among the three waves, there many others. The Starseeds, the arcturians, the indigos and many others who are here to plant seeds of light into the earth. Starting up groups to advocate for changes such as watchdogs or whistleblower.

The three waves have a different roles in terms of leadership.

Traits of these three waves of lightworkers are spiritually aligned.

· Psychics – they offer oracle readings working with holy spirits to bring guidance

· Mediums - they are the open door to send spiritual light to the lost souls who come asking Energy Healers – they are the channellers using their bodies as transmitters.

· Spiritual Life Coaches - they use a strategic approach in working with someone’s energy.

· Regressionists – working with the subconscious mind to bring about healing.

Many Lightworkers quietly appear in our systems of education, financial, government, healthcare, medical, law & justice etc. There are other lightworkers have their roles are less noticeable because their work is also done on an energetic level by simply being in the LIGHT. All are strategically placed by god. This does not mean anyone’s role is lesser or greater. It is simply what they agreed to at this time of Earth’s Ascension.

Working with the light, we must always remember to be in our integrity of divine truth. By being god consciousness, we are also holding space for other seeks of the light. It will always be true that we will be given what we are ready for. It’s a journey, enjoy the unfolding for everything happens in divine right.

Welcome to your homecoming of knowing thy self.

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